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Shanghai Geeks is an IT consultancy targeted for the expatriate community of Shanghai.  Expatriates already experience stress living in China, dealing with language barriers, crowded streets, and new environments.  However, what frustrates them more is being cut off from their social and business networks back home because a computer cannot boot up, or a home network is not wired properly, or a cell phone doesnít work.

Shanghai Geeks aims to help you adjust to life in China by making sure your means of communication still work correctly.  We have provided the following types of services for the Shanghai community:



  • Installed new software and hardware onto computers
  • Killed viruses and Trojan horses which invaded computers
  • Found lost passwords stored on computer laptops and desktops
  • Upgraded computer speeds with larger RAM memory and hard drive space
  • Configured computers to connect properly to networked and wired printers.
  • Revived computers that previously were dead and unable to boot up.



  • Setup wireless networking in houses and offices that previously were unconnected.

  • Rewired locations so that all rooms in a home have internet access.

  • Negotiated with China Telecom and China Netcom in Chinese to restart interrupted internet access.

  • Setup Voice over IP boxes and Skype services which allow for cheap calls back to the United States.



  • Setup families with mobile phones and plans for communicating in China.
  • Activated IP calling services on mobile phones to make long distance calling cheaper.
  • Modified mobile phones for English menus and Internet (GPRS) access.
  • Setup office PBX systems for small businesses.
  • Administered websites for small businesses advertising services in China.


Home Audio/Visual

  • Connected VCRs, DVD players and game systems to local television sets.
  • Integrated home computers into home A/V systems.
  • Accessed remote Slingboxes (Internet TV) on flat screen TVs in China.


Shanghai Geeks does not discriminate based on your choice of computer or network.  We speak Apple, Windows, Linux, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, Vonage, Skype, Sling, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, HP, Dell and Lenovo, as well as Chinese and English.  We probably even speak other languages that arenít even listed here as well!


We speak English.  We speak Chinese.  We speak Geek.

Phone 137-6431-6677 or e-mail info@shanghaigeeks.com